Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sex, Prescription Younger Cameron Diaz

Sex is an activity that provides many benefits for everyone. Not only make sex more burning passion, but efficacious for youthful drug. The reason is what makes the beautiful actress Cameron Diaz crazy sex.
Despite entering the age of the head of the four, but the star of "Charlie's Angel" still exudes an aura of sexy. When the star cover of the June issue of British Vogue, Cameron looked like a girl, and happier than ever. What's the secret? Apparently, because he is so fond of sex. Wow!
"Let's see, I think exercise, healthy diet, drinking lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex. Yes, the sex, as human beings we need it. It's healthy, it's natural, it's about what we do here," he was quoted from Hollyscoop.

 By sex, 37-year-old woman still looks like his twenties. To maintain it, Cameron Diaz plastic surgery as do other Hollywood celebrities.
"I do not want to look 25 again. And, would not even plastic surgery. I did not do it right now. But we'll see, so far, I never said it would not," said ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake to Vogue.
With a sexy body and face look younger than actual age, lover Alex Rodriguez admits happily.
"You know what? Yes, I'm in love with life, with joy in sex," he concluded.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Not Admitted to Plastic Surgery, Kim Kardashian beaten Surgeon

Some time ago, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, has denied that she had plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. To the media, Kim claims that he only once do Botox injections only.
But what was said Kim was different from what was reported by one of the media a few days ago, in which a plastic surgeon to convey an opinion stating if Kim had done some surgical procedures to memeprcantik appearance. Even the surgeon's statement echoed by Damon Thomas, who is the former husband of Kim.
To the media, Damon Thomas said that if Kim Kardashian
Plastic Surgery has done some rosedur beauty such as liposuction, breast implants and additions. Not only that, in an interview conducted with the magazine In Touch, Damon Thomas admitted that he had given some money to Kim to perform such operations.
On the occasion, Damon Thomas also said that if his wife is very crave fame. To prove all these statements, Damon revealed a number of documents divorce in 2004, where in the data shows Damon has forced Kim to undergo a liposuction procedure and gives Kim money of USD 3,650.
In addition, the public is also strongly believe if Kim had been pumping fat to the buttocks. Demi refute these rumors, Kim insisted on an X-ray test in front of the media crew and prove that there is no silicone in the buttocks. But again, the evidence was denied by one of the surgeons Americans who say if the buttocks Kim did not not crammed with silicone.
But that does not mean Kim does not perform buttock augmentation surgery, because the surgeon is to make sure if Kim has made Brazilian lift procedure. The technique itself is done with menedot fat in some parts of the body of Kim, then the fat injection into the buttocks Kim. In other words, X-ray tests carried Kim aims to deceive the media and the public.
Not stopping there, Kim immediately denied when he was accused had undergone breast augmentation surgery procedures. Even further, Kim said that if she had had breast size C since he was 11 years old in a natural way. But again, other doctors, namely Anthony Youn, Kim denied the statement. to the media, said that if the breast Kim Youn too round and too full. By this alone is likely to prove if Kim had undergone breast implant procedure.
Of any rebuttal Kim, instead of the other surgeons increasingly eager to prove that Kim has done a plastic surgery procedure to get her beauty desire. From the start of the nose, lips, skin, breast, buttocks up to the hips, everything is false and is the result of engineering the operating room.