Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sex, Prescription Younger Cameron Diaz

Sex is an activity that provides many benefits for everyone. Not only make sex more burning passion, but efficacious for youthful drug. The reason is what makes the beautiful actress Cameron Diaz crazy sex.
Despite entering the age of the head of the four, but the star of "Charlie's Angel" still exudes an aura of sexy. When the star cover of the June issue of British Vogue, Cameron looked like a girl, and happier than ever. What's the secret? Apparently, because he is so fond of sex. Wow!
"Let's see, I think exercise, healthy diet, drinking lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex. Yes, the sex, as human beings we need it. It's healthy, it's natural, it's about what we do here," he was quoted from Hollyscoop.

 By sex, 37-year-old woman still looks like his twenties. To maintain it, Cameron Diaz plastic surgery as do other Hollywood celebrities.
"I do not want to look 25 again. And, would not even plastic surgery. I did not do it right now. But we'll see, so far, I never said it would not," said ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake to Vogue.
With a sexy body and face look younger than actual age, lover Alex Rodriguez admits happily.
"You know what? Yes, I'm in love with life, with joy in sex," he concluded.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Not Admitted to Plastic Surgery, Kim Kardashian beaten Surgeon

Some time ago, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, has denied that she had plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. To the media, Kim claims that he only once do Botox injections only.
But what was said Kim was different from what was reported by one of the media a few days ago, in which a plastic surgeon to convey an opinion stating if Kim had done some surgical procedures to memeprcantik appearance. Even the surgeon's statement echoed by Damon Thomas, who is the former husband of Kim.
To the media, Damon Thomas said that if Kim Kardashian
Plastic Surgery has done some rosedur beauty such as liposuction, breast implants and additions. Not only that, in an interview conducted with the magazine In Touch, Damon Thomas admitted that he had given some money to Kim to perform such operations.
On the occasion, Damon Thomas also said that if his wife is very crave fame. To prove all these statements, Damon revealed a number of documents divorce in 2004, where in the data shows Damon has forced Kim to undergo a liposuction procedure and gives Kim money of USD 3,650.
In addition, the public is also strongly believe if Kim had been pumping fat to the buttocks. Demi refute these rumors, Kim insisted on an X-ray test in front of the media crew and prove that there is no silicone in the buttocks. But again, the evidence was denied by one of the surgeons Americans who say if the buttocks Kim did not not crammed with silicone.
But that does not mean Kim does not perform buttock augmentation surgery, because the surgeon is to make sure if Kim has made Brazilian lift procedure. The technique itself is done with menedot fat in some parts of the body of Kim, then the fat injection into the buttocks Kim. In other words, X-ray tests carried Kim aims to deceive the media and the public.
Not stopping there, Kim immediately denied when he was accused had undergone breast augmentation surgery procedures. Even further, Kim said that if she had had breast size C since he was 11 years old in a natural way. But again, other doctors, namely Anthony Youn, Kim denied the statement. to the media, said that if the breast Kim Youn too round and too full. By this alone is likely to prove if Kim had undergone breast implant procedure.
Of any rebuttal Kim, instead of the other surgeons increasingly eager to prove that Kim has done a plastic surgery procedure to get her beauty desire. From the start of the nose, lips, skin, breast, buttocks up to the hips, everything is false and is the result of engineering the operating room.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Paul is Dead

Who does not know or even never heard of the Beatles? If indeed there is, maybe he did not have a television or perhaps live in the jungle ancient times. But this time I am not discussing about the Beatles (and sorry if anyone was offended), but about the lead-vocals that Paul McCartney of the Beatles. Indeed the last few months I'm addict by the name of The Beatles.

Sir James Paul McCartney or more often called Paul McCartney, is the bassist and lead-vocalist of the legendary British band from the UK, The Beatles. He is a partner of John Lennon in creating hits in the 60s. Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942 allegedly died at the age of 28 years remains to him, it is interesting to be discussed even debatable because it is considered as a major conspiracy that raises questions for his fans.

Paul is Dead (or better known conspiracy theory PID) is an urban legend that states Paul McCartney died and secretly replaced by a 'twin' or 'someone who resembles' through plastic surgery (Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery).

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lee Min Ho in Relationship

Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor who has a very solid busyness. He always struggled with the shooting schedule, promotional films or dramas, until photograph abroad.

To relieve the stress of work, Lee Min Ho has a unique way. The Heirs star was admitted to falling in love with a woman in order to forget about work. She also does not mind if some affection just unrequited. Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery also reported by some media.

"Liking someone, and have a wide range of emotions is a natural way to relieve the stress that comes from exhausting work. I even like it when my love is not reciprocated," said the actor.

Lee Min Ho describes himself trying to establish good relations with a former lover. He always took a joint decision when deciding to end the romance with her lover.

"I think the difference of deciding a person, and it was decided to be ambiguous. I usually drop out because the deal together. Just like the deal when starting a relationship, I'm sure to end the relationship must also be agreed. I never broke one-sided," he closed. Similarly, as reported by Soompi.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

NBC UpFronts in New York City

Ellen Barkinis the young Hollywood starlets, and now she looks better than in years ago. At the NBC UpFronts in New York City on May 14, the Ocean’s Thirteen star appeared to have refreshed her face with surgery but while many older actresses Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery go over the top, “She looks better than she used to. I suspect that she’s had a facelift, causing her face to look tight and a bit pulled. Her face appears terribly tight nowadays, as if she’s in a wind tunnel but if it was done recently, I suspect that she will look more and more natural with time. “She appears to have had filler injections to some of the wrinkles of her face, causing her to look smooth,” saidcelebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn. But, Ellen also gives the comment“I don’t like the way it makes people look. Too many people go overboard, and for an actress, that’s deadly. It keeps you from being able to have expressions,” said Ellen.
But, whatever she has had done, Ellen isn’t going to let age get in the way of living life to the fullest. Ellen Barkin sparked some rumors that the actress has had more than just a few non-invasive treatments, including a face lift and wendy williams plastic  surgery. The actress has had some skin treatments such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, or other laser procedures. Additionally, she may have used some injection fillers such as Restylane; fat and collagen injections to plump up some areas and soften some lines on her face. It looks at her some photos in the year 2000 photo, her lips are plump and the top one is slightly misshapen. In the year 2004 photo, her lips look like they have tubes inserted in them. Her eyes look more stretched and tight and her skin looks smoother than before.
Nevertheless, he also makes confirmation about the rumor. She said-“I don’t have problems with fillers and non-invasive procedures,” she added. “I think a little bit of everything is OK, I’m fine with it all except Botox.” “The whole Botox craze, what it says to me is ‘I am desperately unhappy with where I am in my life’s journey, I don’t like it, I want to disguise it, I want to erase it,’” Barkin tells More Magazine. “Like, ‘I’m not comfortable being 30, 40, 50, 60.’ And I have issues with that. “I don’t want to see someone I’ve watched in movies for 20 years and not know who they are, with their eyebrows somewhere in the middle of their hairline.“
Whatever she chooses, those become her choice. Because we know that everyone can decide the best way for herself or himself. It can determine her / his characteristics. Like plastic surgery which become a way to be used in getting beauty may be only used by some people, because everybody has the different view.

Plastic surgery has become very popular among celebritie

Plastic surgery has become very popular among celebrities, even the younger ones. People started speculating about possible gwen stefani plastic surgery. For those who may not know, she is a model and actress who became more famous after her appearance in popular MTV reality show “The Hills”.The thing that caused most of the suspicions is that these changes happened very fast.Besides an actress, Audrina Patridge is also a model, she has hot and sexy looks with her perfect body. By that benefit, Audrina Patridge is easy to enter in the entertainment business, especially in Hollywood.
 In her young age, there have been various speculations about Audrina Patridge plastic surgery following her since the first time people saw her on TV. Most of these rumors were about possible rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and chin implant procedure. Rumors about breast implant  might be true. If we look at some of the photo comparisons, we can see that her breast size has become at least two sizes bigger. Of course, this might have happened naturally, because she is still young and her body might have changed naturally.
Those rumors have not been confirmed. gwen stefani nose job has denied having any kind of plastic surgery. Such as rhinoplasty and chin implant, it is hard to tell if they might be true or not. When it is looked at the photo comparisons, we can see that there were some subtle changes in actress’s face, but they could have happened for various reasons, not necessarily plastic surgery. One way or another, actress looks natural and there are no obvious signs of plastic surgery seen on her face or body. The changes were very subtle and haven’t altered Audrina’s looks too much.
All in all, it is still hard to tell if at least some of the rumors regarding Audrina Patridge plastic surgery are true or not. The changes on her appearance have been very subtle and it is hard to tell if they have happened as a result of plastic surgery or as a natural part of growing up. At least for now, actress looks natural and beautiful and she doesn’t need any kind of surgical alteration. It is possible that in the future we will hear more rumors about her possible plastic surgery, because most of the celebrities choose to go under the knife when
In a talkshow, she was ever asked if she had undergone breast enhancement surgery her answer was: “Well, see I have this chest problem. My bone right here, it’s higher on this side? It’s pectoralis something. So I’ve always struggled with that. You could see they look different sizes all the time.”Audrina denied it, but a pal confirms to us Weekly that she went under the knife, and it was just the confidence boost that she needed. Now, with noticeably larger breasts, “She think she has a banging body and she’s confident in her looks. I don’t think she’ll get more surgery.”

The story of celebrity plastic surgery in the past

Victoria Principal is the popular 1980′s television show Dallas will fondly recall.She palyed Pamela Barnes Ewing, the stylish, reconciled wife of oilman Bobby Ewing, on the long-running TV drama. But do you think her beauty is natural? you may not recognize the former beauty from her currently pulled face. Knife is mentioned changing her appearance.
In her looking, her eyebrows are practically in her hairline, an indication of a facelift and brow lift to combat sagging eyelids. Her breast are fuller than ever, indicating that kate upton breast implants. Other that, her neckline is also very firm, the result of a possible necklift. As for her claim that she hasn’t had so much as a laser treatment, that is also hard to believe, as her skin looks as smooth and spot free as a young child’s. Many people use laser treatments like Fraxel to maintain a fresh appearance. Her face, except for the charming crow’s feet about her eyes, is unlined indicating that she likely does use Botox to relax horizontal and vertical lines and fillers like Restylane to plump up her lips. It seems the key statement is that Victoria is open to plastic surgery, just not open to admitting it, which is unfortunate. In fact, it seems that many of the procedures Victoria denies having are most likely the procedures she’s had. She became a pin up after landing the role of beautiful Pamela Ewing in the soon-to-be resurrected drama Dallas in 1978, and 33 years later Victoria Principal is still an arresting sight.
But she gives the confirmation about her rumor, he says that it is the result of using her own skincare line and a good diet and kate upton breast size. Victoria has never been a fan of plastic surgery and has adamantly denied going under the knife herself. She said, “It’s sad when I see a woman who has done things to herself in an effort to look younger, and instead she looks some way she never looked before.” She also told People magazine she had never had plastic surgery.“I’ve never had a face-lift, or a professional peel or lasers. I kind of like the way things are,’ she said. ‘And although there is a southward shift, it fits me.” According to her, she gets her natural beauty. she gets all of her grueling routine, after a minimum ten hours of beauty sleep, her day starts with a two-hour power walk on the beach in front of her Malibu home, followed by yoga and fat-burning resistance training. Referring to plastic surgery, Victoria, who has written books on diet and exercise and also markets her own skin care and make-up lines.A breakfast of Tibetan goji berry juice and green tea is supplemented by a cocktail of homeopathic remedies, vitamins, hormones and antioxidants after which she is slathered head-to-foot in her own-brand age-defying face and body creams by a team of beauty therapists.
Plastic surgery always becomes the big question before the actress can how that she indeed no have some plastic surgeries. So, the truth of cosmetic surgery will always become the misterious thing.