Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Story of Shopia Loren Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery for the sake of the demands of the role performed by many Hollywood stars and politician such as the case of Candace Cameron plastic surgery. Even sometimes, they were asked by the producers to undergo plastic surgery to make it more attractive to appear on the big screen.

This, also experienced by 80-year-old actress, Sophia Loren. As reported by Female First, it is revealed that movie executives told him to undergo plastic surgery to repair the nose length. He even revealed, movie executives will usually tell him to improve certain parts of the face to make it more interesting in the film.

Although for the sake survive in the world of film, Loren did not always follow orders to do this and alter it. He is often rejected.

"I always try to not listen to these people," he said. "They say that my nose is too long and my mouth is too big."

Sophia Loren also admitted that at the time her husband, Carlo Ponti, who died in January 2007 also encouraged him to perform plastic surgery.

"Carlo said, 'You know the cameraman, they say that your nose is too long. Maybe you should change a little'" said Loren.

When asked like that, Loren reject, "Look, I do not want any scars on my face because I like my face. If I had to change my nose, I'll go back to Pozzuoli (his home town in Italy)."

At that time, further Loren, she was asked to change the shape of his nose to look like a typical nose of the French. The shape is slightly tapered at the end.

"They love it. Can you imagine, I was with a nose like that?" he said.

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